Bolbala's Work

Shree bolbala trust is actively serving the society since last two and a half decades. Trust’s workers and heads are always TheaS givingOnew ideas for the welfare of society. With a goal of a healthy society, the trust stands for the duty of Social service.

" Service Of Humanity Is

The Service Of God "

Before some years an old woman was passing near by a road corner where five friends were busy in their works. among one of them saw the old woman falling down. The woman was doddering and not able to stand on her legs. This scene was merciful, jignesh upadhyay , Sunil raval, Sunil rathod and others encouraged and supported with arms. This occasion has not come to an end. The woman was old aged and poor and required some medical equipment of orthopedic but she was not able to purchase it. Immediately group of friends collected contribution from near by sides and helped her. They purchased walker and other medical aids. This success became prosperity and encouraged humanity.

Public’s enthusiasm-support led us for a enthusiasm. This welfare “Bolbala Dham” is situated at 9/18, Laxmiwadi, Rajkot. Bolbala Dham name is resume of bolbala hunumanji’ small temple of Rajkot’s suburb. Blessing of hunumanji bolbala Dham in short time have become pilgrimage point. Here needy people vividly are served by providing medical and orthopedic equipments. around 125 disables, orphans, handicapped are served nutritive food daily. These activities are performed by the trust till today.

The trust runs alimental mobile (Alms House) project. Under this project about 1000 to 1200 needy people of slums, houseless and under developed area’s people take benefit. Bolbala trust is always ready to help needy people. This trust gives services on a catastrophe time for affected people. During the natural calamities the trust provides services for clothes. Food packets, medicines etc

The trust runs “control room” providing ambulance on emergency and rath at a nominal rate. The trust provides facility for an auspicious occasion by “Religion chariot”. This Religion chariot is an attraction for marriage procession, bhagvat saptah, Ramayana procession etc. The trust serves governmental hospital’s patients by distributing fruits, biscuits, breads, milk and special service care for pregnant women through hygienic food. For scholar the trust arranges platform stage program “Majesty Reception” to encourage and empower the students.The bolbala charitable trust works on humanity with participation of public enthusiasm. Thus bolbala charitable trust is omni and symbol of “Fylfot.