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Welcome to Bolbala Cheritable Trust

Highlights Of Humanatary Services

Food For Hungry People

Vigorous efforts are carrying on to get mute blessings of people of about 1200 to 1400, satisfied with sufficient food through our 3 active projects namely “Ann Sev Rath”, “Local Noon And Evening Food Service Section” and “Shivmani Food Section And Mahavir Sadavrat Centre” forn the benefits of blind, insane, physically handicapped, disabled and children of out of state labourers.

Annpurna Helpline

This project may be the first in all over India to provide food to all the needy people residing in each and every corner of the city because of poorness. In response to any phones/calls of Help Line from any gentleman, volunteers of the trust is reaching without delay with paper dish, water pouch and food packets to needy hungry people to fed them satisfactorily. Help Line No.2239999.

Jivdaya Seva Project

The project is well managed by Bolbala Mahila Dhun Manadal to cater rotis, mild and khichdi to street dogs, food for birds, aata goli for fishes, namkins to birds and ladvas for cows at panjarapoles.

Services Of Medical Instruments

Daily 60 to 70 needy patients are availing use of free of charge latest medical instruments like oxygen cylinder, wheel chair, suction machine, water bed, air bed, toilet chair, walker etc. in all over Saurashtra region including Rajkot city.

Service of humanity is the service of God

Bolbala Cheritable Trust

Introduction Shree bolbala trust is actively serving the society since last two and a half decades. Trust’s workers and heads are always ahead giving new ideas for the welfare of society.

The needy people get each and every basic amenities speedily is the trust's aim with no selfishness. For the development of a health socity, be a helping hand in serving our goal of patient is a god.


Upcomming Events

Medical Healths Seminar

Health Seminar

Medical Healths Seminar

Date : 7-1-2018
Venue : Arvindbhai Maniyar Hall, Jyubelibag, Rajkot
Details : Bolbala Trust dwara Medical Health Seminar nu Aayojan


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