Frequently Asked Questions

What are the
Frequently Asked Questions?

Monthly Donation Is Avaliable ?

The Bolbala trust has undertaken a monthly donation plan in which a fixed amount starting from Rs.100=00 to any more amount of donations each month are accepted. Volunteers of the trust will reach to you and accept donation on the fixed date of the month and give receipt of it, if you are unable to visit the trust office. Your kind donation and service are very useful to keep our service machine alive to help the needy, helpless and negligent people of the society. Donations given with well wishes and open heart will never fail. You can serve nature only when nature has blessing with you.

Who is the Trustee ?

Mr. Jayesh Upadhyay is the trustee of the bolbala charitable trust

Who is the President ?

Mr. Jignesh Upadhyay is the trustee of the bolbala charitable trust

What is pathikashram ?

"Pathikashram" is established by The Rajkot District Collector and Laxmiben J. Shethia Trust, the management of which is accepted by Bolbala Trust. The responsibilities of this management is challenging, differential and incomparable. The relatives of patients of out of station are provided facilities of staying and dinning for both times at the negligible token charge of Rs.6=00 only. The superb service of the trust is in the form of blessings of many patients.

What kind of Emergency Services you provide ?

The sevabhavi volunteers are always ready to be helpful like machines at the time of national emergency, flood, heavy rainfall, cyclone, earthquake and any other natural calamities. The trust is undertaking many other projects over and above like Healthy Ukala Centre, Celebration of social and religious festivals etc.

What will bolbala do in Summer Training Classes ?

The trust is undertaking various activities in the field of self dependence and self employment. In which summer training classes and professional training are very useful to the children and the ladies. Moreover by conducting sewing classes and computer classes at very relief rate an excellent service is being catered to establish self dependent society.